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    Black King kong LED Display:Cabinet size is 960mmx960mm,the seams are reduced more than 50% and smoothness increases by leaps and bounds.Simplify the installation and maintenance: If familiar with one, you should master the whole. This can reduce the difficulty of marketing, engineering, training, maintenance and can reduce the workload.Standard production in a faster and more flexible way is possible because we have reserved standard general cabinets and the shipment can also be made rapidly.

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    Ventilation LED Display:Ventilated & Light-proof, Energy Saving≥50%,4 Types Standardlized LED Module, Excellent Display Effect,IP67, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Firm, Flat and Backup Solution.

2017 Australian International Professional Audio-visual Exhibition, Chipshow Returns with Harvest Orders!

2017.09.14 chipshow

  On the day of August 31rd 2017, the Australian International Professional Audio-visual exhibition (INTEGRATE 2017) was successfully concluded. Chipshow has again attracted many buyers from different countries.


  As the biggest and most professional audio-visual integrated equipment and technology exhibition in Australia, INTEGRATE 2017 was jointly hosted by professional audio-visual and ICT industry InfoComm International®, CEDIA association and Australian famous exhibition company Diversified Exhibitions Australia. It is a high-quality professional audio-visual trading platform.


  The exhibition lasted for three days. As the site staff revealed, there’re more than thousands of visitors at the booth of Chipshow. After viewing our products, many visitors showed a strong interest in our products, and they were highly appreciative of our products. All data is sufficient to prove that our products are welcomed by customers!


  There’re 6 exhibits: P3.91 Net Series indoor rental led display, P3.91 Net Series outdoor rental led display, P1.583 Leopard indoor HD led display, smart modules, P10 Front Service led display and transparent display.


  INTEGRATE 2017 is just like a window, through which more and more people know better of Chipshow and get closer to Chipshow!


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